Congratulations – you’ve just discovered 25 years of costume jewellery expertise!

You may not have heard the name – but the design team behind Elly Pinx has been creating unique and distinctive costume jewellery for more than 25 years- so when you buy an Elly Pinx piece you’re tapping into more than two decades of extensive knowledge and experience of jewellery design and manufacture!

If you’re passionate about affordable costume jewellery that stands out from the crowd, chances are you may have even worn an Elly Pinx piece in the past without knowing it – no need for such secrecy and discretion now though as we bring you our full range of costume and fashion jewellery direct to your door through


We know that you want the most exclusive and upfront designs and trends of the day, which is why we always have (and always will be) based right in the heart of London, one of the fashion capitals of the world and the perfect location to fuel the kind of inspiration and passion that you expect from your fashion and costume jewellery.

Forget cheap imitation mass-production facilities abroad – Elly Pinx offers you lovingly crafted designs that were very much born here in the UK and possess all the flair and charisma that has been a long-standing trait of this fashion mecca.

Affordable Costume Jewellery in a wide range of styles

Whatever you’re looking for, our mission is to ensure that we have something for your own personal style and taste, which is why we have such a diverse and dynamic range of necklaces (both short and long), pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles and rings.

The Elly Pinx collections are designed to encompass a wide variety of styles enabling you to craft any look, ranging from urban, retro, classic and contemporary through to bold and imaginative statement pieces that will truly make you stand out from the crowd – for all the right reasons!

So whatever you’re looking for take a look around our site now and find that perfect piece to craft your unique look of the moment.

Exclusive Designs to get you noticed

Elly Pinx is designed for women who very much value unique style over the mass-production mentality of the high-street – which is why you’ll only ever see us run limited numbers of each piece so you can be assured that when you possess an Elly Pinx product;  it’s going to help you carve out that unique and distinct style of your own that you can be truly proud of.