Our Mission

Trend-setting & Inspirational Costume Jewellery

Here at Elly Pinx we firmly have one goal in mind; to bring you the most exceptional, inspirational, trend-blazing collection of jewellery all in one inspirational and convenient location online!

Highly Affordable Fashion Accessories

Our main focus is to ensure that the jewellery that we design for you is as intriguing and individual as possible – whilst remaining highly affordable so that anyone can enjoy creating their own individual look and style through the creative use of Elly Pinx pieces.

Flexible Costume Jewellery that complements any wardrobe

Another key driver for us is flexibility – we want your costume jewellery to be suitable to be an integral part of any wardrobe no matter whether you’re dressing for work or for play. Breaking away from the traditional, Elly Pinx costume jewellery is designed to catch attention and is designed very much for trendsetters like you who want to stand out from the crowd and make an impression!